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A growing group of educators are creating and teaching innovative interfaith curriculum, preparing a new generation of civic leaders to engage across lines of religious difference.

Higher Education

Teaching Interfaith Understanding Faculty Seminar

In partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges, Interfaith America hosts an annual weeklong faculty seminar, taught by Laurie Patton and Eboo Patel, on teaching Interfaith Studies.


A New Field

Scholars and educators interested in exploring the dynamics of religious interaction have claimed a new field of Interreligious/Interfaith Studies. Interfaith Studies programs seek to develop civic leaders who are prepared to positively engage religious diversity and build interfaith cooperation in communities and professions throughout the country.



In partnership with scholars in the field, IA offers the following working definition of Interfaith Studies:

“Interfaith Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the multiple dimensions of how people who orient around religion differently interact with one another, and the implications of these interactions for communities, civil society, and global politics.”


Join Us

IA seeks to convene and connect scholars interested in this work. Though the field largely began among those studying religion, we work with faculty in a myriad of fields including nursing, business, education, languages, and biology.

Whether you have long been engaged in interfaith work or are just beginning, we hope you will join our network. Read on for resources and opportunities.

Featured Grants

Podcast Engagement Award

We are asking our network, and those new to our network, to engage in intentional reflection and conversations about Eboo Patel’s new podcast.

Resources for Educators

Experiential and Engaged Learning in Interfaith and Interreligious Studies Courses

Learning through engagement brings to life some of the concepts that students learn in the classroom.

#Interfaith: Engaging Religious Diversity Online

Leveraging Interfaith Skills to Increase Civic Cooperation

Case Studies for Exploring Interfaith Cooperation: Classroom Tools

How does interfaith cooperation work in tricky situations? Explore these case studies.