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Our speakers are experts on religious and worldview diversity, inclusion, conflict, and cooperation.

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We are proud of our years of experience speaking on religious and worldview diversity, inclusion, conflict, and cooperation. We’ve delivered speeches everywhere from government events to college campuses to private companies to civic organizations.


Interfaith America staff and members of our Emerging Leaders network offer a wealth of stories and perspectives on engaging religious diversity, both on campus and beyond. 

Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel is a civic leader who believes that religious diversity is an essential and inspiring dimension of American democracy. Named “one of America’s best leaders” by U.S. News and World Report, Eboo is Founder and President of Interfaith America, the leading interfaith organization in the United States. He offers keynotes for corporations, civic organizations, campuses, and more.

Interfaith America Senior Leadership

Interfaith America’s senior leaders Adam Phillips, Noah Silverman, Jenan Mohajir, Amber Hacker, and Katie Bringman Baxter are available for speaking engagements.

Feature Keynotes

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To inquire about hosting Eboo Patel or Interfaith America senior leadership, reach out to Teri Simon.

Teri Simon

Director of Executive Office

Interfaith America

Defeat the things you do not love by building the things you do.

— Eboo Patel

Emerging Leaders Speakers Bureau

The Emerging Leaders Speakers Bureau is a diverse, nationwide network of leaders who have completed intensive interfaith leadership training and are excited to spread the message of interfaith cooperation. Emerging Leaders are eager to address the intersections of interfaith engagement and race, healthcare, business, and education. They are available to speak at panel discussions, conferences, fundraisers, book clubs, school assemblies, and more.

Contact Us

To inquire about hosting a member of the Emerging Leaders Speakers Bureau​, reach out to Amar Peterman.

Amar Peterman

Program Manager

Interfaith America

Every unique faith within every one of us brings about an extraordinary strength to this fight for justice and good.

— Sabriya Dobbins

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