a podcast exploring the surprising, practical relevance of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions on our life with money

Money, Meet Meaning

Our religious and wisdom traditions actually have a lot to teach us – and have for millennia – about one of the great sources of stress and struggle in our contemporary lives.

Money, Meet Meaning inhabits the seldom-visited intersection of “Personal Finance” and “Religion & Spirituality.” Each episode will unearth practical insights and shine light on the varied ways our wisdom traditions pave a path – whether you’re religious, spiritual, or none of the above – for navigating our complex financial lives.

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Amber Hacker

The Chief of External Affairs & CFO at Interfaith America, Amber’s passion for finance has earned her the nickname “Budget Hacker”. She has been featured in Women’s Day magazine for her personal finance work, and has written about religion and the workplace for Harvard Business Review. Amber holds an MBA and is a Christian: her commitment to interfaith cooperation and conversation is inspired by Jesus’ call to love your neighbor. 

Tom Levinson

In his work as co-Managing Member of Park Piedmont Advisors and co-founder of LK Advisors, Tom helps guide families toward thoughtful, values-driven uses of their financial resources. Tom is also a Harvard Divinity School graduate and a frequent writer on religion, spirituality, and American society. His commitment to interfaith cooperation and conversation is inspired by the deep ethical wellsprings of his Jewish tradition.


The birth of a podcast: Interfaith America founder and President Eboo Patel turns the table on hosts Amber and Tom to hear how Money, Meet Meaning came to be — ­and the wisdom of talking about what we learn about money from our respective religious traditions. 

Jesse Mecham

Is there a spiritual dimension to budgeting? What do budgets have to do with a life well-lived? Jesse Mecham – Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and founder of YNAB (You Need a Budget), the hugely popular personal finance platform – reflects and explores with Amber and Tom.

Dr. James Hollis

To find out, Amber and Tom talk with Dr. James Hollis, a renowned Jungian psychoanalyst who has written extensively about happiness, meaning, and fulfillment. Dr. Hollis shares why happiness is actually overrated, why a life of meaning should be our goal instead, and how paying attention to the “numinous” can lead to a meaningful life with money.

Reza Aslan + Jessica Jackley

Jared Evans

Rev. Winnie Varghese

Money, Meet Meaning

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Conversation and practical insights on the varied ways our religious traditions pave a path – whether you’re religious, spiritual, or none of the above – for navigating our complex, everyday financial lives. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Hosted by: Amber Hacker and Tom Levinson
Executive Producers: Interfaith America, Park Piedmont Advisors, LK Advisors
Partner Organizations: Religion News Service, Princeton Faith & Works Initiative
Produced by: Windhaven Productions and Bluejay Atlantic

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