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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Network inspires, equips, and connects interfaith leaders to build on our nation’s key strength of religious diversity.


Building Interfaith America Emerging Leader Grants

Identify a need or opportunity in your community, propose a project to address it, and leverage the strength of interfaith cooperation to achieve your goal.

About Emerging Leaders

The Big Picture

For over a decade, we have brought together and supported young professionals dedicated to building on America’s foundational strength of religious diversity.

The Opportunity

Interfaith America’s Emerging Leaders Network is composed of nearly two thousand diverse, multifaceted, innovative, and motivated individuals, who influence how healthcare, business, non-profits, religious communities, government, and other sectors engage with religious diversity.

What We Do

The Emerging Leaders Network inspires, equips, and connects members of our network and the institutions they serve. We inspire by sharing stories of emerging leaders creating change in their communities. We equip our leaders to make an impact with grants and learning resources. Finally, we connect them with each other through convenings and fellowships.

Become an Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leaders Network inspires, equips, and connects interfaith leaders to build on our nation’s key strength of religious diversity.

The Emerging Leaders Network inspires me to carry out projects I’d only dreamed of. We learn from and inspire each other.


Grants & Fellowships for Emerging Leaders

Building Interfaith America Emerging Leaders Grant

Grants are offered to the members of the Emerging Leaders Network (formerly known as the Alumni Network of IFYC) to create initiatives, events, or projects that Build Interfaith America.

Interfaith Innovation Fellowship

The Interfaith Innovation Fellowship awards $5,000 to ten interfaith leaders every year, each with an inspirational vision for social change.




Sacred Journey Fellowship

The Sacred Journey Fellowship provides $15,000 awards over two years to support faith leaders who are demonstrating the power of interfaith cooperation to bridge deep divisions in America’s civic fabric.


Featured Emerging Leaders Resources

Interfaith Foundations for Emerging Leaders

Orientation to the vision, knowledge, and skills that we use to bring about the realization of a truly Interfaith America.

Interfaith at Work Cohorts

Build relationships with other professionals interested in promoting interfaith cooperation in your field.

Professional Applications of Interfaith

Better understand the exciting ways in which interfaith skill sets and competencies are applicable in professional settings.

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