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Interfaith at Work

Build relationships with other professionals interested in promoting interfaith cooperation in your field.

Business Cohort Events

The business cohort will be meeting in Washington DC and attending the Dare to Overcome Conference together in late May. Email Rida Zaidi for details.

Interfaith at Work Cohorts provide a space for members of the Emerging Leaders Network to build relationships with other professionals in your sector who are interested in promoting interfaith cooperation.  Interfaith at Work is a place to be creative and collectively impact your professional sector to be inclusive of the religious diversity that makes our community great. 

All members of the Emerging Leaders Network are welcome to join a cohort focused on the professional sector that you work in or hope to work in the future. As a part of the cohort, you will be able to participate in:

  • Virtual group sessions three times a year
  • Annual in person convenings with fellow members of the network (funding available)
  • One-on-one coaching with a cohort lead
  • Networking with dozens of interfaith leaders in our network in your specific professional sector
Farah Siddiqui, Community Manager of Employee Resource Groups at Google, at Interfaith America's 20th Anniversary Party.
Farah Siddiqui, Community Manager of Employee Resource Groups at Google, at Interfaith America's 20th Anniversary Party.

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Interfaith at work

Interfaith Healthcare Cohort

The Interfaith Healthcare Cohort (IHC) includes over 75 young professionals working within the various intersections of faith and health. The IHC is a great place to build relationships with other folks across the country who are interested in interfaith and healthcare, further develop interfaith skills, and have access to resources to positively influence change. 

Meet the Cohort Lead: Anastasia Young

Interfaith at work

Religious Leaders Cohort

The religious leaders cohort is a place for both professionals and non-professionals involved in leadership of a religious practice or community to come and share resources, support one another through challenges, and dig deep for the advanced interfaith work we know many of you are doing and want to do. We are defining religion, spirituality, and leadership widely to encompass the full breadth of incredible things IA Emerging Leaders are doing. If you are wondering if this is the right cohort for you, know that it probably is!

Meet the Cohort Lead: Hannah Kardon

Interfaith at work

Interfaith Education Cohort


The Interfaith Education Cohort is a community of teachers, principals, counselors, curriculum writers, and other education professionals dedicated to interfaith action. We provide a place for education leaders to collaborate, build interfaith awareness and literacy within their school communities, and develop an interfaith lens within their grade level, content area, and education expertise. 

Meet the Cohort Leads: Melanie Young & Matthew Segil

Interfaith at work

Interfaith Business/Law Cohort

The Interfaith Business/Law Cohort is a space for professionals to connect on the intersection of interfaith and business in order to build interfaith skills, find resources, and develop tools to share amongst their networks.  

Meet the Cohort Lead: Rida Zaidi