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Engaging religious diversity to strengthen health across the nation


Health and Faith: Considering the Center of Wellbeing

 Addressing topics including mental health, spiritual caregiving, health equity, and integrative medicine, this week’s speakers will explore the positive potential that our diverse religious identities and communities offer as we seek human thriving. 

About Faith & Health

The Big Picture

Our nation’s religious diversity is a key asset as we build healthier communities where everyone belongs. Interfaith America is working to leverage that strength throughout the health ecosystem.

The Opportunity

Most of our neighbors see religion as a key part of their personal and social lives. And communities facing barriers to health care often turn to faith-based organizations to bridge gaps in information and access. Together, these indicators point to the need to engage our nation’s religious diversity thoughtfully and fruitfully in health-related settings.

What We Do

At Interfaith America, we’re building communities of practice committed to unlocking the positive potential of religion in health-related settings. From undergraduate and graduate health professions programs to health-focused faith-based organizations to health system and public health leaders, we’re inspiring, equipping, and connecting those who are poised to bridge the gap between religion and health to promote individual and community flourishing.

Featured Faith & Health Resources


Leveraging the Power of Religious Diversity in Health Fields

Highlighting best practices and key pedagogies, this article profiles campuses that have successfully integrated religious diversity education into health fields curricula.


Case Studies: Engaging Religious Diversity in Health Fields

Written in partnership with health fields faculty, medical practitioners, and bio-ethics students, these case studies describe real-life scenarios from health care settings in which religious identity plays a significant role.


Bridging the Faith and Health Divide: A Matter of Life

Listen to stories and facilitated conversation about the rich promise, even urgency, of engaging religious identity in health-related settings.


Engaging Religious Identity in Healthcare

This resource provides strategies for healthcare providers to frame the conversation on religion and medicine in a manner focused on providing the best care to all people.


Faith in Community: Building Bridges of Trust

Build trust in the COVID-19 vaccine and bridge gaps in information, resources, and access to strengthen community health.

Interfaith at work

Join the Interfaith Healthcare Cohort

The Interfaith Healthcare Cohort (IHC) includes over 75 young professionals working within the various intersections of faith and health. The IHC is a great place to build relationships with other folks across the country who are interested in interfaith and healthcare, further develop interfaith skills, and have access to resources to positively influence change. 

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With a proven model and trusted regional partners, we’re extending our vaccine outreach in the Carolinas.

We understand the importance of training religious leaders who have an awareness of social determinants of good health.


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