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Foundations of Interfaith Leadership LIVE

Practice the basics of interfaith leadership in real time, alongside other aspiring interfaith leaders, in six facilitated skill-building sessions.

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Start learning now via self-paced courses designed for individuals who want to advance their interfaith leadership knowledge and skills.


We equip educators and other leaders with curricula to structure interfaith learning and development in classrooms and across communities and teams. These learning plans are customizable to your group’s particular interfaith learning goals.


Our library of tools offers practical support for interfaith learning and action across a wide variety of sectors. Browse best practices, research, toolkits, how-to guides, case studies, and more.

Featured Courses, Curricula, and Tools


Key Resources for Building Interfaith America

A compilation of the Interfaith America resources you need to bring people together, foster conversations, and spur interfaith action.


Foundations of Interfaith Leadership

A roadmap for developing (or continuing to develop) the vision, knowledge, and skills required to contribute to the realization of a truly interfaith America.



Building Regular Interfaith Dialogue through Generous Engagement (BRIDGE)

Resources for Educators


Interfaith Leadership Video Series

In this eight-part series, you get a chance to explore the foundational concepts of interfaith cooperation, learn about inspiring interfaith leaders, and examine the history of American religious diversity.

Faculty Syllabus

Interfaith Literacy and Cooperation Sample Syllabus

Use this sample syllabus to find ideas for incorporating interfaith into your courses.


Student Learning Outcomes for Interfaith and Interreligious Studies

Browse examples of student learning outcomes used for interfaith studies at a variety of institutions.

Resources for Leaders


Building on Existing Strengths

Design your work in a way that builds on existing community strengths and resources.


Black Interfaith in the Time of Climate Crisis Toolkit

Read on for inspiration, opportunities to learn more about diverse religious and ethical responses to climate change, and practical ideas for action.

Course Technology

#Interfaith: Engaging Religious Diversity Online

#Interfaith is a self-paced, online learning opportunity designed to equip a new generation of leaders with the awareness and skills to promote interfaith cooperation online. Start learning now or begin by assessing your online leadership style via our digital interfaith quiz.

Resources for Institutions


Guiding Questions for Implementing Interfaith Assessment

This resource outlines six key assessment tenets along with a set of questions to help guide your assessment practices.


Religious Accommodations and Policies on Campus

Get some inspiration on how your policies can be faith-friendly.


Professional Applications of Interfaith Skill Sets and Competencies

Better understand the exciting ways in which interfaith skill sets and competencies are applicable in professional settings.

Courses, Curricula, and Tools


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