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Foundations of Interfaith Leadership


Foundations of Interfaith Leadership


What is interfaith leadership? What does it take? What’s its impact? What does excellent interfaith leadership look like? Through this interactive, self-paced course, you’ll explore these questions and more. Ideal both for learners who are new to interfaith leadership and for experienced interfaith leaders who would like a stronger foundation for their work, this course provides a roadmap for developing (or continuing to develop) the vision, knowledge, and skills required to contribute to the realization of a truly interfaith America.


Foundations of Interfaith Leadership


Interfaith America awards a professional Certificate in Interfaith Leadership to learners who both 1) complete this five-hour, online course AND 2) attend the onsite Interfaith Leadership Summit in Chicago, August 12-14, 2022.* Once you complete this course and attend a Summit, you’ll receive instructions for syncing your digital certificate with your LinkedIn profile.

*If you are unable to attend an Interfaith Leadership Summit in person, please contact Interfaith America for information about virtual alternatives.

Interfaith Leadership Summit
What You’ll Learn

Foundations of Interfaith Leadership

What You’ll Learn

When you take this course, you’ll:

  • Define “interfaith leadership” and “interfaith cooperation” by meeting real-life interfaith leaders and exploring compelling case studies 
  • Learn about the vision, knowledge, and skills that support effective interfaith leadership
  • Discover the history of interfaith cooperation in the United States and consider some of the unique opportunities and challenges of our religiously diverse democracy 
  • Explore the concrete ways in which interfaith cooperation strengthens communities and society 
  • Investigate your own religious, ethical, or philosophical inspiration for engaging in interfaith leadership 
  • Learn from others about their own religious, ethical, and philosophical inspirations 

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  • Can I take this course and not attend the Interfaith Leadership Summit?

    Yes! Anyone is invited to complete Foundations of Interfaith Leadership. The course serves as a fun and engaging way to learn more about interfaith leadership or to strengthen your interfaith foundation. Those who do attend an Interfaith Leadership Summit and also complete Foundations earn a Certificate in Interfaith Leadership, a verifiable digital badge that can be added to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • What is, and why do I have to register to access the course?

    Foundations of Interfaith Leadership is hosted by our partners at Their social learning community is custom designed for learners focused on religious diversity in civic spaces. To access the course, you’ll need to register with a bio and a photo. This is to ensure that all learners are actual people who are interested in learning together. We hope you’ll enjoy learning with others who are genuinely committed to growing their interfaith leadership.

  • Who can I contact with questions about the course?

    Please contact Gracie Webb at if you have any questions about this course or about earning a Certificate in Interfaith Leadership.

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Develop the vision, knowledge, and skills required to contribute to the realization of a truly interfaith America.

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