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Engaging America’s religious diversity as an influential force in virtually every aspect of our shared civic life.


Why We Shouldn’t Lose Faith in Organized Religion

In Tish Harrison Warren’s New York Times newsletter, she talks with Eboo Patel on wanting to tell a better story about religion in America.

About Faith & Civic Life

The Big Picture

Religiously diverse communities are vital contributors to the lifeblood of America’s civic landscape. From disaster relief to climate change, from refugee resettlement to election integrity, religiously diverse communities are key leaders.

The Opportunity

Interfaith America turns shared values into shared action by working with religiously diverse communities around common goals. A thriving, resilient democracy must engage religious diversity for the common good. While polarization appears to dominate the nation, a majority of Americans want to live in a religiously diverse democracy — though they may lack the skills to unlock that diversity’s potential.

What We Do

Interfaith America creates curricula and convenes technology and faith leaders to combat hate and disinformation online, encourage better technologies that serve people of all traditions, and train a new generation of leaders to use the internet to increase interfaith understanding and collaborate for the common good.

Interfaith America equips leaders to mobilize across lines of difference around issues of common concern. Our Faith in the Vaccine program activated 2000+ religiously diverse ambassadors in Covid-19 vaccine outreach. The Vote Is Sacred initiative trains religiously diverse college students to protect our democracy and elections. Our emerging leaders work across a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, and climate action.

Featured Faith & Civic Life Resources

Interfaith Cooperation & Civil Rights: Reflect

We Are Each Other’s aims to equip young people to engage in acts of interfaith cooperation, anti-racism, and service with their communities.

#Interfaith: Engaging Religious Diversity Online

#Interfaith is an interactive curriculum equipping learners to bridge divides in digital spaces.

Faith in the Vaccine Training and Resource Materials

Explore interfaith tools and resources to engage in COVID-19 vaccine outreach.

Vote is Sacred

Interfaith America’s national, nonpartisan civic engagement initiative seeks to inform and equip citizens with the practical steps needed to secure the right to vote for all Americans.

Any law that restricts the sacred right to vote is unjust because it denies people their agency, their vote, and their voice.


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