How does our religious understanding of the world inform the ways we live and work together? Host Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith America, speaks with a rotating guest list of civic leaders and bridgebuilders working in diverse sections of American civic life.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel is inspired by the Islamic concept of “Deen and Dunya” — Faith and the World – which has anchored Eboo Patel’s approach to building Interfaith America, the nation’s premier civic organization focused on the positive engagement of religious diversity. Patel, a renowned interfaith leader, will be speaking with artists, intellectuals, civic leaders and politicians, people with beliefs that range from spiritualist to traditionalist, all in the hopes of illuminating the connection between cosmic visions and concrete social change. 

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Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

November 29, 2022

Does a religiously diverse nation need a common story?​

Author David Brooks reflects on the changing demographics of America and its impact on the spiritual understanding of a generation.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

November 22, 2022

What do evangelical Christians want for America?

Shirley Hoogstra, leader of a network of Christian colleges, discusses why she champions interfaith work and Christian education.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

November 15, 2022

Is centering Black love and joy the key to building a better society?

Leading social entrepreneur Trabian Shorters says you cannot build equity by denigrating those at the center of the equity conversation.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

November 8, 2022

Who’s telling authentic stories about Muslim Americans?

Kashif Shaikh, founder of Pillars Fund, is financing Muslim American stories. He says it’s his love letter to the community.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

November 1, 2022

Is protecting voting rights a sacred value?

Rev. Adam Russell Taylor believes exercising our right to vote is a commitment that unites all our faith traditions.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

October 25, 2022

Can poets and storytellers bridge our divides?

Laurie Patton, president of Middlebury College in Vermont, believes there is power in sharing stories of bridgebuilding.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

October 18, 2022

How do we live together when we profoundly disagree?

Scholar and attorney john a. powell shares how a childhood marked by rupture inspired a life dedicated to building bridges.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

October 11, 2022

How do you see humanity in the face of hate?

Author and activist Simran Jeet Singh reflects on being a Sikh American and how his faith inspires him to fight racism with love.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

October 11, 2022

How does the power of conversation bring out the best in us?

Award winning radio host of ‘On Being’ Krista Tippett believes our human capacity to be loving and generous is fierce and alive.

Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

September 28, 2022

Coming Soon: Interfaith America with Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel, president and founder of Interfaith America, reflects on the new American religious landscape with diverse civic leaders.

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