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Interfaith America works with hundreds of colleges across the country to develop courses, programs, and campus-wide plans.

August 2-4, 2024

Interfaith Leadership Summit

The Interfaith Leadership Summit is the largest gathering of college students and educators with a commitment to American civic pluralism.

About Higher Education

The Big Picture

Interfaith America has two decades of experience as a partner to hundreds of universities with a range of affiliations including public, nonsectarian, and religious. We aim to make the vibrancy of our religious diversity a vital part of the college experience.

The Opportunity

Throughout American history campuses have incubated social change and shaped leaders. Campuses are sites for research and scholarship, community engagement, encountering deep differences, and building habits of civic leadership. That’s why our longstanding programs are rooted in the power and promise of U.S. higher education. When students are shaped into leaders who leave college equipped with the skills and desire to engage in religious differences, our diverse democracy flourishes.

What We Do

Our programs and resources build the capacity of campus educators, administrators, and students. We offer grants and other funding, learning tools, and curricula, as well as consulting and training for campuses or networks. We organize spaces (in-person and virtual) for relationship building, strategic planning, and leadership development.

Featured Higher Education Resources

Campus Assessment

Explore how an institution’s religious tradition can equip the president to advance and narrate campus diversity priorities.

Faith in Elections Playbook Grant

If you are ready and able to serve our democracy in its hour of need, we are ready to partner with you. The Faith in Elections Playbook can help your faith community, organization or association find its own way to support and protect the 2024 election.

For Faculty

A growing group of educators are creating and teaching innovative interfaith curriculum, preparing a new generation of civic leaders to engage across lines of religious difference.

Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap program is designed to combat the toxic polarization in our country, give students the skills they need to find common ground across deep divides, solve problems in their communities, thrive in the workplace of the future, and support students in their own character formation journey.

Latest Higher Education Resources

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