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Interfaith America inspires, equips, and connects leaders and institutions to unlock the potential of America’s religious diversity

We Need to Build an Interfaith America

Interfaith America President & Founder Eboo Patel outlines a vision for an America in which all religions and people join together to build a diverse democracy where all are welcome.

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We know that America’s religious diversity has a meaningful impact on the common good. Our approach engages that diversity positively and productively.

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Feature Resources


Foundations of Interfaith Leadership

A roadmap for developing (or continuing to develop) the vision, knowledge, and skills required to contribute to the realization of a truly interfaith America.


Faith in Elections Playbook

The Faith in Elections Playbook supports faith-based, civic and campus communities with accessible, actionable resources to support the 2024 election. 


Skills for Bridging the Gap

A curriculum for educators and facilitators focused on the bridgebuilding practices and skills that help people engage across deep divides.

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