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Religion in the Workplace

Interfaith America supports corporate leaders on a journey from compliance to true belonging.


Meet Sumreen Ahmad, who was recently recognized as the Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leader of the Year by the Religious Freedom Business Foundation (RFBF).

About Religion in the Workplace

The Big Picture

Americans encounter more religious diversity at work than in any other sphere of life, yet religion is too often left out of the workplace diversity conversation. Proactively engaging religious diversity can lead to stronger team culture and better relationships with clients and consumers.

The Opportunity

Diverse teams perform better — but only if team members have opportunities to engage their differences and share their strengths. When leaders intentionally engage this facet of identity, they strengthen a culture of belonging in their workplace and open up new opportunities for business growth.

What We Do

Interfaith America works with CEOs, Chief Diversity Officers, ERG leaders, Talent Development teams, and others to build leadership skills to engage religion in the workplace. Interfaith America team members will offer an inspiring keynote at your company conference or speaker series, co-create and deliver training for managers using case studies and effective models that align with your company’s existing DEI goals, help launch an Interfaith ERG using proven best practices, or lead a customized consultation so your team can engage religious diversity more thoughtfully and effectively. 

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[Interfaith America] helped contextualize and frame a necessary and timely conversation that explored the intersection of faith, racial equity, and social justice movements.


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