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What is Vote is Sacred?

Vote is Sacred (VIS) is a national, nonpartisan civic engagement initiative that seeks to inform and equip citizens with the practical steps needed to secure the right to vote for all Americans.

VIS is a robust, multifaceted, national nonpartisan civic engagement initiative that informs and equips citizens with practical steps to secure the right to vote for all Americans. Essentially, this initiative seeks to spark a national conversation about how voting is rooted in diverse faith traditions and practical ways those traditions can come together to protect our democracy. A significant portion of this initiative will focus on activating the social capital of higher education and faith communities to underscore the centrality of the vote in a religiously diverse, participatory government.

What need is Vote is Sacred meeting?

Voter suppression is an extreme political and legal strategy that is literally engrained into the very fabric of the rich mosaic that is American democracy. State sanctioned, coordinated, deliberate obstruction and restriction of access to the ballot box is an assault on our most basic rights as American citizens, no matter the color, creed, or religious identity. As people created in the image of God, we behave in a manner that is fundamentally immoral when we prevent fellow citizens from exercising their agency and participating in the democratic process. The denial of the right to vote demonstrates our failure to acknowledge and embrace our shared humanity and is a barrier that prevents us from creating and maintaining a flourishing multi racial democracy.

Higher Education

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Tyrone McGowan

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Why Voting is Sacred

In this engaging and informative virtual public conversation, we hear from a diverse array of national faith leaders, public intellectuals, activists, and organizers on why our nation must adopt an inclusive, nonpartisan interfaith approach to restoring and protecting our democracy.

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Any law that restricts the sacred right to vote is unjust because it denies people their agency, their vote, and their voice.

— Rev. Adam Russell Taylor, President of Sojourners