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Faith and Health Educator Directory

Meet the educators from around the country who are unlocking the potential of our religious diversity to strengthen well-being.

Published December 2023


Meet the Network

This directory features more than 70 educators who have partnered with IA to help unlock the positive potential of our nation’s religious diversity in health settings. The list includes faculty, administrators, and staff from religious studies, pre-health programs, public health, and beyond. Through course and curricular design, research, guild service, and campus-community partnerships, they work to engage diverse identities and communities to strengthen human wellbeing. Interfaith America is proud to recognize this esteemed group of innovative, committed educators. Feel free to contact any network members directly, or reach out to our team directly with further questions. (Note: Many publications mentioned in their profiles are co-authored or edited.)

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Suzanne Watts Henderson

Senior Director, Faith & Health

Interfaith America

We particularly focus on incorporating evidence based psychological practices and principles within the scope of chaplaincy practice and collaborating effectively with MH and other healthcare professionals.

—Naomi Yavneh Klos & C. Melissa Snarr