Protect Democracy & Interfaith America

Faith in Elections Playbook

Empowering Faith-Based Institutions to Support Democracy in the 2024 Election and Beyond

Understanding Election Integrity

Protect Democracy and Interfaith America are partnering to create a digital playbook that outlines the ways in which campuses and faith-based institutions can serve their communities during the 2024 election. These materials will make it easy for organizations and individuals to identify accessible ways that they can support the administration of the 2024 election in ways that do not benefit either political candidate but ensure a smoothly run election.

Faith in Elections

The Playbook will include accessible, easy-to-read guides that clearly outline several opportunities for interfaith leaders and organizations to find nonpartisan activities that work for their contexts. These materials will be built with input from a diverse, interfaith advisory committee with a broad range of expertise to ensure that materials are useful to a multitude of religious traditions and worldviews.


The Playbook will cover some of the following areas of focus:

  • Recruiting poll workers
  • Sharing reliable information about voting and elections to their members
  • Ensuring enough polling locations in their communities
  • Recruiting lawyers and clergy for poll monitoring and other election protection work
  • Building relationships with local election officials
  • Building bridges in their community
  • Listening conversations
  • Providing food and water at polling locations with long lines
  • Sharing reliable information

Pledge to Support
Free and Fair Elections

Building Trust through Relationships

Communities can rebuild trust in their elections by de-mystifying election administration and learning from their local election officials. These officials can answer questions from the public regarding how people vote, how ballots are counted, and how our elections are certified.

Practicing Deep Listening Across Difference

Content coming November 2023.

Organizing Interfaith Community Events with Election Officials

Content coming November 2023.

Attending Accuracy Tests and Election Board Meetings

Content coming November 2023.

Serving Polling Locations

While voting can be a celebration of exercising our rights and having a voice in building our free society, the environment at polling locations can be one of intensity and uncertainty. There are specific rules that must be followed at polling locations – by voters, candidates and campaigns, and observers.

Know the Rules of your Local Polling Location

Content coming November 2023.

Becoming a Poll Chaplain

Content coming November 2023.

Becoming a Poll Worker

Content coming November 2023.

Providing Polling Locations

Content coming November 2023.

Providing Food and Water where there are Long Lines

Content coming November 2023.

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