Zahra Jamal

Senior Consultant

Dr. Zahra Jamal, Sr. Consultant, co-leads higher education and corporate engagements. With a Ph.D. from Harvard and Diversity Certification, Zahra brings 20+ years of experience advising the governments, Fortune 500s, and nonprofits on DEI, social impact, and human rights. At Interfaith America, she also draws on her 15 years as faculty and administrator fostering intercultural understanding at Rice, Harvard, Michigan State, University of Chicago, and ISPU. For fun, she enjoys painting, true crime, and serving on AJC’s Community of Conscience, Muslim-Jewish Council, and Compassionate Houston Board. Inspired by Islam to promote interfaith cooperation, Zahra has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, G-20 Interfaith, White House and the Emmy-nominated Hidden Heroes for her efforts.

Zahra Jamal Image