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Students and Educators: Join Us for the 2023 Interfaith Leadership Summit

By LaTanya Lane and Morgan Visser
Interfaith Leadership Summit 2022

This year’s Summit theme, Many Plates Make a Feast, was inspired by Danielle Allen’s assertion that rather than oneness, our nation should strive for wholeness.

Wholeness underscores the sacred importance of everyone’s contributions to our diverse democracy. This year’s Summit will invite participants to identify the assets and talents within their communities and themselves that can be contributed to building an interfaith America. 

Interfaith Leadership Summit 

Every year, Interfaith America hosts the Interfaith Leadership Summit, the largest gathering of students and educators committed to bridging differences and strengthening our nation’s social fabric. This year the Summit will be August 4-6 at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk. At the Summit, participants will have the opportunity to witness the ways that bringing the best of their differences together results in a stronger social fabric and a more vibrant interfaith America. Not only will participants learn about best practices for interfaith programming on campuses, but they will also be able to examine their unique campus context to identify challenges and opportunities for interfaith work. Both the five training sessions and daily plenary sessions are designed to encourage participants to problem solve and imagine possibilities for their work with peers from around the country who are committed to the promise of an interfaith America.  

Join us August 4-6 in Chicago!

Earn Your Certificate of Interfaith Leadership 

By attending the Summit, participants complete the practical component needed to receive the Foundations of Interfaith Leadership Certificate. To complete the requirements of the certificate, participants should complete the Foundations of Interfaith Leadership course prior to attending the Summit. This course will prepare participants for the training room by offering shared language, resources and examples of interfaith leadership to draw from as they practice interfaith leadership skills in the training room. Interfaith America awards a professional certificate to educators and students who complete the Foundations course.  

But Wait, There’s More! 

Throughout the year the Interfaith Leadership Institute will be here to support your interfaith work with additional resources like exclusive Institute grants, publishing opportunities with Interfaith America Magazine, peer-to-peer support, fellowships, and much more. Motivated student leaders will have the opportunity to participate in year-long cohorts for a deep dive into an interfaith leadership skill. 

Our team has been hard at work creating opportunities to help you grow your interfaith leadership skills, so that we can all build Interfaith America together. We can’t wait to see you in person for the Summit in August, and we hope to see you online engaging other parts of the Institute soon. 

How do our beliefs inspire us to build a diverse democracy?

Grounded in their faith communities and ethical traditions, four panelists discuss how their beliefs provide hope and inspiration to build a diverse democracy.

This panel discussion was a part of the opening plenary at the 2022 Interfaith Leadership Summit.