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Religion and World Politics Syllabus

Course Objectives

Course Objectives

This course has a number of goals or objectives for this semester:

  1. Provide students with a basic understanding of the major world religions.
  2. Introduce students to the method of interfaith learning/leadership.
  3. Examine how politics and religion interact throughout the world:
    a. How do religions interact with one another? (e.g. Christianity vs. Islam)
    b. What type of intra-religious conflicts are there? (Catholic/Protestant, Sunni/Shia)
    c. How can religion serve as an avenue for peace-building/making?
    d. How does religion play a role in other important facets of world politics (besides conflict and peace)? Examples include:
    i. Governance/government types (democracy, authoritarianism, theocracy)
    ii. Human rights
    iii. Economic development
    iv. Globalization
    v. Political parties and elections
    vi. Civil society
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