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Faith in the Vaccine Playbook

The Playbook

The Playbook

This national playbook provides guidance on concrete actions, messages, and strategies to engage religiously diverse communities in faith-based vaccine outreach. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Part 1: The Big Idea: Faith & COVID-19 Vaccination
    • The Big Idea
    • The Purpose of This Playbook
    • The Challenge: Barriers to Vaccination
  • Part 2: Talking About Vaccination With Your Community
    • Creating Space for Conversation
    • Learning the Messages
    • Effective Messages
    • Religious Resources for Your Message
    • Frequent Questions from Believers
  • Part 3: Supporting Vaccination in Your Community
    • Hosting a Vaccination Site
    • Supporting People in Vaccination
  • Part 4: Stories of Impact
  • Part 5: Tools & Training
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