Bridging Divides in Corporate America Leadership Development Series

A virtual leadership development series to equip business professionals to bridge divides in corporate America.

February 14 - April 3



Hosted by Interfaith America and Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, the Bridging Divides in Corporate America Leadership Development Series will explore the detrimental effects of toxic polarization on business and how leaders can meet the very real challenges of this moment for their companies and the country. A series of monthly cohort meetings will offer participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge,  build skills, and network with peers at no cost as they pilot best practices in their company.

Participants will–

  • Learn from leaders in the bridgebuilding field and explore how to apply best practices to their particular context
  • Build skills to engage deep difference inside their companies and with external stakeholders
  • Identify and pilot an initiative to increase bridgebuilding efforts in their company and workshop challenges and opportunities with their peers.


This will be a live, virtual series that runs from February – April 2024, consisting of 5 meetings. All sessions will take place from 11:00-1:00 PM CT on the following dates (with tentative topics):

  • Wednesday, February 14: Why Build Bridges
  • Wednesday, February 21: The Divided Mind
  • Wednesday, March 06: Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Wednesday, March 20: Engaging Tension Constructively
  • Wednesday, April 03: Leading with Values in the Workplace

There is no cost to participate. Registration is limited to 30 learners. The deadline for registration is Friday, February 2, 2024.

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This series is intended for business professionals who recognize the impact of polarization in their workplaces and who lead teams, projects, or initiatives where they have the opportunity to introduce a bridgebuilding approach. Attendees will be asked to select a problem or challenge they are facing related to polarization in their company and will identify a bridgebuilding practice to pilot as a response.

No, we will not record the class sessions. Our intention is to open a space in which attendees can be comfortable navigating territory that might be unfamiliar, challenging, or delicate, without concerns about what might be recorded or shared.

We strongly recommend that learners commit to all five live sessions in the series. That said, we will work with you to accommodate reasonable scheduling conflicts as they arise.

The time commitment for this series is approximately 2.5 hours per session week. Each month’s learning entails: 1) reviewing pre-session materials (such as a written resource, video, or tool), 2) attendance at a 2 hour live, online session, and 3) self-paced work on your individual project outside of the scheduled meeting time. The full course will run from February 14 – April 3.

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Bridge divides in corporate America.

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