Interfaith America is proud to be a founding partner of Team Up, alongside Catholic Charities USA, Habitat for Humanity International and YMCA of the USA.

The Team Up Project's mission is to empower people to build connections and work together across differences with others in their communities for the common good.

Team Up believes people can play a leading role in building a stronger sense of belonging and unity in their local communities by promoting empathy and understanding across cultural, ethnic, religious and ideological divides. Strong personal connections and supportive, constructive and collaborative environments are the foundation of thriving communities. 

The Team Up Project aims to bring people from diverse backgrounds together and create avenues for bridgebuilding by offering tools, resources, and programming that equip individuals with the skills to respect and celebrate differences as well as identify shared values.

The goal is to elevate and support ordinary acts of kindness, human connection and cooperation – and demonstrate that bridgebuilding is an achievable and worthy pursuit that everyone should take part in. The Team Up Project will not only share stories about the value of building meaningful connections across differences but also create a platform for organizations and leaders to work together to create strong, cohesive communities.  

The Team Up Project


Interfaith America is proud to be a founding partner of Team Up, alongside Catholic Charities USAHabitat for Humanity International and YMCA of the USA

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The Team Up Project is invested in the power of connection to bridge divides, to cultivate cooperation across differences, and to create a brighter future for our communities and our nation.

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Becca Hartman-Pickerill

Senior Director of Democracy Initiatives

Interfaith America