Navigating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

A micro-learning series for corporate DEI leaders 

October 25 - November 15



Savvy DEI professionals are recognizing the importance of engaging religious diversity alongside other dimensions of organizational diversity. Interfaith America’s Navigating Religious Diversity in the Workplace micro-learning series is designed as an efficient opportunity for these DEI leaders to connect with like-minded colleagues while quickly learning practical foundations for and approaches to this work. Short, interactive, application-focused sessions maximize busy DEI professionals’ time. Learners walk away more confident: deciding an approach to religious diversity; navigating relevant legal considerations; developing ERG-support strategies; and handling bumps in the road. 


All sessions will take place from 11:00-11:45am CT on the following dates: 

  • October 25: Three Levers for Engaging Religious Diversity
  • November 1: What About Legal Risk?
  • November 8: Supporting Faith-Based & Interfaith ERGs
  • November 15: Bumps in the Road
  • (Optional) November 20: Optional follow-up session
The cost for all four (or five) sessions is $185. Registration is limited to 20 learners. The deadline for registration is October 18, 2023. 

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Articulate a practical framework for approaching workplace religious diversity
  • Point to successful models for this work from the field
  • Identify strategies for navigating religious diversity that support their existing DEI priorities
  • Navigate the most important EEOC recommendations around workplace religious diversity
  • Articulate the risks associated with not engaging religious diversity at work
  • Name best-practice strategies for supporting faith-based and interfaith ERGs
  • Lean on clear principles for addressing challenges when they arise
  • Identify their own strengths and growth areas in the realm of religious diversity

Learn More

This course is intended for folks whose day-to-day work centers on DEI-related (or DEI-adjacent) initiatives. This is a space for DEI managers and senior leaders (or other related HR leaders) to explore the religious-identity dimension of workplace diversity efforts. 

This course is intended for folks whose primary role is as a leader of DEI initiatives. ERG leaders (who typically engage their ERG work as secondary to their day-to-day role) are valuable leaders in this space, though not the intended audience for this offering. Interfaith America plans to offer a micro-learning series designed specifically for faith-based and interfaith ERG leaders. Share your contact information to be notified when registration for that course opens (likely in winter/spring 2024).

No, we will not record the class sessions. Our intention is to open a space in which learners can be comfortable navigating territory that might be unfamiliar, challenging, or delicate, without concerns about what might be recorded or shared.

Our intention is for learners to sign up for the entire series of four 45-minute live sessions. Registration is for all four sessions. That said, you’re welcome to attend as many or as few of the sessions as you’d like.

The time commitment for this course is 50 minutes per week, for four weeks. Each week’s learning entails: 1) viewing of a five-minute video ahead of the live meeting, and 2) attendance at a 45-minute live, online session. The full course entails less than three and a half hours of time over four weeks. It is designed to be highly efficient and immediately valuable.

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Navigating Religious Diversity in the Workplace​

Learn practical foundations in community with other DEI leaders.

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