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How ‘Vacation Interfaith School’ Helped Build Connections in Maryland

September 14, 2022

Sharif Salim of the Diyanet Center of America gives a tour of the mosque to students in the Vacation Interfaith School of Bowie, Maryland. He’s standing by the kursi, a chair used by Islamic scholars to give lectures on religion. (© Shelby Swann Photography)

Tameeka Washington, President and Founder of Interfaith Coalition of Bowie, visits Diyanet Center of America, August 2022. (© Shelby Swann Photography)

Storm clouds clear over Diyanet Center of America in Lanham, Maryland, August 2022. (© Shelby Swann Photography)

Vacation Interfaith School students, Noah Lee, Hannah Deacon, and Aaron Washington, in the mosque, August 2022. (© Shelby Swann Photography)

Vacation Interfaith School student, Hannah Deacon, watches women proceed to the balcony for prayer, August 2022. (© Shelby Swann Photography)

Interfaith Coalition of Bowie, Maryland

Liz Kineke

Liz Kineke

Liz Kineke is an award-winning journalist and television producer. During her 14-year tenure as producer and writer for the CBS Religion & Culture series she created 45 half-hour shows that looked at faith and religion as they relate to racism, white supremacy, climate change, immigration, and cultural heritage, among other timely issues. Her most recent reporting can be found in Religion News Service (RNS), Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and AP Global Religion.

She is the recipient of seven Religion Communicators Council Wilbur Awards and three Religion News Association awards. She also received a Henry Luce Foundation Public Theologies of Technology and Presence grant. She lives in New York City with her cat Ziggy.