Racial Equity

As She Lay Dying: A Letter to a Motherless Child

November 9, 2021

The following is an excerpt from “To My Beloveds: Letters on Faith, Race, Loss and Radical Hope” by IFYC alum Jennifer Bailey. Order the book here.

Watch the video above, or click here to listen to audio of Bailey’s November 11 round table on the future of spiritual life with Harmeet Kaur Kamboj, Maya Williams, Mia Willis, and Byron Tyler Coles.

As She Lay Dying
A Letter to a Motherless Child

The Rev. Jennifer Bailey

The Rev. Jennifer Bailey. Courtesy photo

My theology lives in the tension of the “and.” I have not figured out just yet the relationship between the Christianity I practice, the politics I preach, the ethics I embody, and the Bible I read.

So often Black women are denied full access to our suffering. We are taught to suppress and bury it so that we can be of service to others, as if attending to the fullness of our own human experience is a vice.