Racial Equity

 A Soundtrack to Liberation

October 30, 2020

‘Do not ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come to life and go do that because what the world needs is more people to come to life.’

In college, I studied visual and performing arts. We know that hip hop and rap is really poetry to a beat, and we know that poetry is deeply rooted in the African American tradition as well as traditions around the world.

What it looks like to me is permission, permission to be, and to do exactly what my essence, my instinct, my heart wants to do, without code-switching. What it looks like is permission for me to be.”

The KEEPERS really gives access and way to the global landscape of what these contributions look like which is imperative when we talk about dignifying black life and dignifying black women’s artistry.

That music that I offer up might tell a story that lends itself to heal, to reveal, to unpeel the layers and let energy, God’s energy, let people feel.

What I hope to continue to do in the world is exactly what we are doing right now– it is to continue to offer up stories and engage in deep listening and deep sharing, that I might be able to uplift and encourage someone on their journey–encourage the people who are considering giving up to just keep going…to inspire them to keep going, that’s it.”