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Cultivating nonpartisan policy partnerships to bring Americans together across divides.


For a Network of Bridgebuilders, New Legislation May Chart a Path Forward

New proposed legislation has infused energy into a network of Americans focused on bridging divides.

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Interfaith America believes in the power of civic spaces to connect communities and create a stronger nation. Government, civic, and policy leaders have immense opportunities to create precisely this kind of connection but may not be fully equipped to guide those efforts.

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Interfaith America has a track record of successful collaborations with government, civic, and policy leaders, bringing together the strategic vision with practical execution to leverage the power of religious diversity for the common good. Our expertise and creativity, alongside a powerful network, creates uncommon opportunities for dynamic and impactful partnerships.

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Faith in Elections Playbook

The Faith in Elections Playbook supports faith-based, civic and campus communities with accessible, actionable resources to support the 2024 election.


Faith in Elections

To instruct and inspire people of faith about the various ways to implement the Playbook nationwide, Interfaith America hosted two virtual gatherings.


Is the Project of Democracy Fundamentally About Power Sharing?

Harvard Political scientist Danielle Allen discusses the role of power, agency, and religious identities in reinvigorating American democracy.

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What is the Building Civic Bridges Act and Why Support it?

A stable, prosperous democracy is a powerful one. America’s democracy has been a tower of strength for all since the mid-20th century.


Interfaith America Is Proud to Support the Building Civic Bridges Act

In early 2022, nine Democratic and nine Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced the Building Civic Bridges Act.


The President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

Our collaboration with the Obama administration established our work in this area.

Support Bridgebuilding Legislation

The Building Civic Bridges Act aims to combat polarization.

Instead of accepting polarization as the new normal, many leaders are leading efforts to foster dialogue and bridge differences.


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