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Pluralism and Worldview Engagement Rubric

This rubric is designed to help faculty and staff members identify and measure students’ learning, growth, and engagement across lines of religious, spiritual, and secular difference, and it is intended for use in curricular and/or co-curricular initiatives. The five criteria are not listed hierarchically, but movement toward a higher level in one area is likely to promote and encourage growth in the others. Further, all five criteria might not be relevant to every piece of evidence and several pieces of evidence together might be more effective in gauging student progress than individual assignments or experiences alone. The rubric is intended to stimulate conversation and is most effective when adapted to suit institutional context (e.g., graduate or undergraduate, private or public). This rubric is not intended as a grading tool, but instead as a tool for assessment of student learning and development goals. The rubric may also serve as a guide for thinking strategically about institutional goals and charting institutional progress.