Opening of the American Mind

This extended film intersperses personal stories from students on two very different types of campuses with an examination of the background, science, and methodology of Bridging the Gap.

Bridging the Gap Methodology

This extended Bridging the Gap film intersperses personal stories from students with an examination of the background, science, and methodology of bridgebuilding. Simon Greer, the founder of BTG, talks with psychologists Jonathan Haidt and Barbara Frederickson about the current atmosphere on campuses and why it’s more important than ever to intentionally cultivate skills that help students form connections and care across difference. The film highlights how Spring Arbor University and Oberlin College begin a collaboration that challenges long-held assumptions on both campuses while forming deeper relationships among students from both schools.

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Bridging the Gap​

Bridging the Gap equips students and educators with the skills and knowledge to better engage across deep divides in our polarized society.

BTG is resonating with staff and students at Bentley who want to see a more connected community with a sense of belonging that bridges typical societal divides.

– Ian Mevorach, Interfaith Chaplain at Bentley University