Sabriya Dobbins

Sabriya Dobbins, Founder of Project Passport and Life Discovery Expert, graduated from North Carolina State University with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Animal Science and Social Work and is a Christian. After experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks, she realized there needed to be a sacred space to help people with the “little things” before they become big things that result in breakdowns. As a Master Life Coach and Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Candidate, she adopted a unique style of serving clients based in experimentation and interactive wellness. She launched Project Passport, a proactive mental wellness company, with the dream of providing transformational experiences that focus more on supporting the participants and their mental well-being before things get hard. After achieving success serving companies all over the nation and women all over the world in supporting their mental wellbeing through preventative measures and tools, she now aims to spread her unique proactive mental health message into every single workplace and to every single woman by the year 2025.

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