Keryn Wouden Anderson

Keryn Wouden Anderson is a professional harpist and loves using art and music as a platform for collaboration and interfaith awareness. She completed her Bachelor’s of Music at Chapman University (CA), where she first developed a passion for interfaith work and somehow survived the Chicago cold to graduate with a Masters of Music from Northwestern University (IL). As a harpist, Keryn is a seasoned and reviewed artist. She has performed regularly with various groups and is a founding member of Strung Up, a classical based harp and guitar duo that was featured on Wisconsin radio in 2014, released their first album in 2017, and was highlighted internationally on WFMT radio in 2018. In addition to her music career, Keryn has worked as a facilitator and spokesman for the importance of interfaith dialogue. As a member of Northwestern’s Interfaith Advocates, she helped organize interfaith events, including: “Feel Better Together” (mental health campaign) and “Word Against Violence” (a poetry slam promoting reduced gun violence). She has presented on IFYC’s podcast “Common Knowledge”: Mormonism and Interfaith and has been a member of the IFYC Speaker’s Bureau since 2014. In 2019, she had the sweet pleasure of returning to Kansas City to facilitate an interfaith workshop for 40 youth as part of the 7 Days Go Day. From 2018 to 2019, she joined the Interfaith Innovation Fellows and developed a home-supported interfaith curriculum for preschools. As a soloist, an orchestral musician, and a licensed Kindermusik educator, Keryn works in many environments with various ages, ethnicities, and religions. She loves to travel, rock climb, and play games with her family. Keryn is currently based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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