Jacob Greenstein

Born and raised in Sacramento in both a household and a city full of integrated diversity, Jacob has been curating the necessary skills and passion for intercultural and interfaith work from a young age. As a young adult, Jacob put these skills to the test in Texas, where he earned his BA in International Politics from Texas Christian University. In Texas, Jacob had first-hand experiences with ethnic and religious prejudice and segregation, pushing him to dedicate his undergraduate career to improving his campus and community to be more accepting and understanding of all people. In honor of his work, he received the TCU Religious Life Leadership Award for leading his community towards increased mutual appreciation and understanding. Since graduating, Jacob has worked with and for several political and interfaith groups including the United Religions Initiative, California Interfaith Power and Light, and the California State Legislature. He currently serves the California Medical Association as their Communications Specialist where he manages many of their public affairs efforts and is involved in multiple community efforts to turn the tides towards equity and understanding while giving people a seat at the table.

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