Christian Alvarez

Executive Assistant

Christian Alvarez provides administrative support to Chief of External Affairs & CFO, Amber Hacker, and Vice President of External Affairs, Jenan Mohajir. In this role he draws from 16 years of administrative experience which includes 11 years of active-duty service in the U.S. Navy. Christian holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from National University in San Diego, CA, and is currently pursuing a master’s in theology and biblical studies at Wheaton College. Beyond work, Christian is married with four children (ranging from 1 ½ to 15 years old), enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, creating spray paint art, leading fantasy sports leagues, volunteering at his church community, enjoys listening to audio books and attending live theater (Go see a play!). Christian’s interest in the interfaith movement stems from a belief in the power of diverse communities coming together, fostering understanding, and creating positive change.

Christian Alvarez Image