Becca Hirsch

Becca Hirsch is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Certified Sex Therapist (CST). Becca was first introduced to IFYC during her senior year of college at Santa Clara University in 2010. As the president of the Jewish Student Union on a Jesuit Campus as well as a double-major in Psychology and Religious Studies, Becca became interested in interfaith dialogue and cooperation and how spirituality can impact relationships, healing, and resilience. Becca interned at IFYC when she graduated college and then went on to work for the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Midwest development office. A few years later, and after launching a blog about online dating, Becca pursued her passion to become a relationship and sex therapist and started graduate school at University of San Diego (2013-2015) in the Marital and Family Therapy program. Since graduating with her MFT, Becca has worked in private practice with individuals and couples who are looking to address their relationship and sexual health. Becca finds it especially meaningful to use her interfaith skills with couples therapy who are in interfaith and interracial relationships. She also is passionate about working with clients on making sense of their spiritual identity and their sexual values and helping clients hold space for both parts of themselves. Becca now lives in Seattle and started her own practice, Becca Hirsch Therapy, where she continues to do telehealth as well as online workshops about dating and how to improve self-care.

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