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Religious Communities Have a Moral Obligation to Make the Internet Better

The internet is what we make of it. So let’s make it good.

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The Big Picture

There are 325 million internet users in America who are online an average of 8.5 hours per day — a third of their lives. It’s where Americans gather to work, play, and pray.

The Opportunity

The internet creates challenges for individuals and communities who are targeted based on religious identity. Digital interactions can increase distrust and animosity between people from different religious traditions. However, the internet also offers an unprecedented opportunity for people of diverse religious backgrounds to meet, learn, and build new bridges of understanding and cooperation.

What We Do

Interfaith America creates curricula and convenes technology and faith leaders to combat hate and disinformation online, encourage better technologies that serve people of all traditions, and train a new generation of leaders to use the internet to increase interfaith understanding and collaborate for the common good.

Equip Yourself

#Interfaith: Engaging Religious Diversity Online

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[The Internet] offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity … it is a gift from God.

— Pope Francis

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