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Racial Equity

Racial Equity

Black Interfaith Project Launches to Honor Diversity of Black Religious Life

Learn about the diversity of religious, spiritual, and philosophical expressions that have animated the Black experience in the United States.

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About Racial Equity

The Big Picture

At Interfaith America, we believe in the essential contributions of religious and secular traditions that affirm dignity and justice for every human being. We recognize and celebrate that movements for a better world — including South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Movement, India’s Home Rule movement, and America’s civil rights movement — have been fueled by interfaith cooperation.

The Opportunity

The United States prides itself on being the world’s first religiously diverse democracy. Still, much of what we think of as “interfaith cooperation” has emerged from principally white spaces, with voices of color systemically underrepresented. Communities of color have long had to negotiate the complexities of religious diversity and are a crucial part to building an interfaith America. 

What We Do

Interfaith America’s Racial Equity programs explore how interfaith efforts — historical and contemporary, personal and political — that emerge out of communities of color contribute to the formation of the United States as a religiously diverse democracy. This work is carried out through our fellowship programs, narrative work, curricula, and public events.

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Black Interfaith Project

Spotlighting the longstanding diversity of Black religious life.

Black Interfaith

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

— James Baldwin

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