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Faith & Health

A Divinity School Steps Up to Fight the HIV Epidemic in the South

Allison Mathews leads a pioneering center dedicated to combating HIV/AIDS in the South.

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About Faith & Health

The Big Picture

Our diverse religious identities and communities are a powerful source of trust and social capital in strengthening our nation’s health. Failing to engage our nation’s religious diversity leaves a powerful resource on the table in promoting equitable health across the nation.

The Opportunity

Religiously diverse communities are integral to personal and community health in essential ways. Faith-based organizations already deliver significant and vital social services, especially within minority communities. Religious communities are also powerful reservoirs of trust and social capital with unique ability to serve as partners in promoting positive health. Further, health professionals who have religious literacy can ensure productive, positive engagement at every stage of care.

What We Do

Interfaith America works with a growing network of campuses and community partners to leverage religion as a positive factor throughout the healthcare ecosystem. From granting to skill-building to networking, our programs empower local leaders to identify and activate around critical health priorities. Through our programs, we imagine a world where religiously diverse communities are engaged as key partners in the essential work of equitable healthcare and health outcomes.

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With a proven model and trusted regional partners, we’re extending our vaccine outreach in the Carolinas.

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We understand the importance of training religious leaders who have an awareness of social determinants of good health.

— Jonathan Lee Walton, Dean, Wake Forest Divinity School

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