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What Does January 6 Mean for Bridgebuilders?

A national bridgebuilding field has flourished over the past decade to confront the profound dangers posed by American polarization.

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About Religious Diversity & Bridgebuilding

The Big Picture

Our nation is divided in unprecedented ways. Experts say polarization negatively affects our national security, public health, economic strength, and civic fabric. National efforts to bridge these deep divides have never been more urgent. 

The Opportunity

A growing bridgebuilding field has emerged to address this crisis of division and unite Americans around a common purpose. Interfaith America is an active catalyst, collaborator, and thought leader in this sector, partnering with field leaders and providing essential insights that show how religiously diverse communities can bring Americans together.

What We Do

Interfaith America facilitates skill-building opportunities so leaders can bridge deep divides. We do this through partnerships, collaborations, and consulting opportunities.

Bridge the Gap

Learn more about IFYC’s efforts to bridge America’s deep divides.

Bridging the Gap

We believe deeply in people. The brave work is sitting face to face with those we disagree with and staying firm in our values and open to their humanity at the same time.

— Simon Greer, IA Senior Fellow

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