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Open to freelance reporters & recent journalism graduates

RNS/IA Religion Journalism Fellowship

This fellowship serves to develop future religion news journalists by deepening their understanding of religious expression in individual lives and civic life and to develop skills specific to covering religion, belief, faith, and spirituality.

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About Our Grants & Leadership Awards

The Big Picture

Grants and Awards are one way Interfaith America partners with individuals and institutions to invest in America’s diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of collaboration.

Grants & Leadership Awards Strategy

At Interfaith America we believe interfaith leaders are well-positioned to identify opportunities and needs in their communities and plan sustainable ways to address them. It takes financial resources and support for institutions and sectors to adapt to our ever-changing nation. Through grants and leadership awards, we provide financial support, a network of peers, training and development, and a platform for telling the story of this movement more broadly.

Who They’re For

We offer grants to emerging leaders, campus educators and students, and other strategic partners positioned to make an impact. Our leadership awards enable recipients to increase religious and philosophical diversity at their campuses, workplaces, and communities. Connect with us to learn about new opportunities as they become available.

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    • Higher Education
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    Faith in Elections Playbook Grant

    Interfaith America and Protect Democracy create opportunities for faith-based organizations to take meaningful action to protect the 2024 election.

    • Emerging Leaders
    • Grant

    Faith + Democracy Grant

    Faith + Democracy Grant recipients will carry out nonpartisan projects to foster healthy democratic practices through an interfaith lens.

    • Faith & Health
    • Grant

    Faith and Health Faculty Fellowship

    Fellows will implement academic and/or narrative projects that explore the positive potential of religious diversity in health care.

    • Higher Education
    • Grant

    Advancing Religious Pluralism Grant

    Develop interfaith infrastructures that strengthen and advance religious pluralism on campus and in the surrounding communities.

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