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Interfaith America builds on over 15 years of consulting experience in higher education to bring expertise in religious diversity to workplace settings and beyond.

Consulting Strategy

Interfaith America offers both capacity-building sessions and longer-term consultations designed to support institutions seeking to strengthen interfaith skill-sets across their teams and make interfaith engagement one of their strategic priorities.

Why Consulting

Too often religion is viewed as a problem to be solved. At Interfaith America, we know that religious diversity is a strength, not a weakness. We work with institutional leaders to identify assets and opportunities for growth for engaging religious diversity across their organizations. Using case studies, research, and best practices, we guide institutional partners to set organization-wide priorities and develop goal-oriented initiatives.


  • Corporate Consultation Menu

    Inspiration & Awareness

    IA sets the stage for engaging religious diversity in your workplace by examining how companies have addressed religion in the workplace — both pitfalls and successes — and exploring how to constructively engage religious diversity at work and in the marketplace.

    Interfaith ERG Design & Support

    IA supports organizational leaders who want to start an Interfaith Employee Resource Group by offering design guidance and resources rooted in best practices in the field. IA also helps established Interfaith ERGs deepen their impact through professional development opportunities for leadership teams and by facilitating high-quality programming including panel discussions and keynotes.

    Strategy & Training

    IA develops customized education and training modules to help companies achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Contact Megan Johnson at [email protected] to learn about our professional development workshops, training development and delivery, strategic planning, and consulting.

  • On-Campus Consultation Menu

    Eboo Patel as an Interfaith Senior Fellow

    The Fellowship is a year-long commitment to your institution. Dr. Patel will serve as a thought leader, guest lecturer, and keynote speaker for three to five strategic initiatives in partnership with your campus.

    2-Day Interfaith Strategic Planning Consultation

    Over the course of two days, IA staff will work with a set of diverse stakeholders on campus to generate and prioritize concrete initiatives for advancing interfaith cooperation on campus.

    Initiative-Specific Development Consultation

    IA staff will facilitate a tailored planning process with key leaders that would result in an action plan for the launch of a specific interfaith initiative such as an Interfaith Fellows Program, an Interfaith Course Sequence, or an ongoing Faculty and Staff Professional Development Curriculum.

  • On-Campus Capacity Building Menu

    1–2 Day Interfaith Student Leadership Training

    IA staff will facilitate a series of activities for students designed to enhance their awareness of the importance of interfaith cooperation and give them the skills to constructively navigate issues related to religious identity and diversity.

    1–2 Day Faculty and Staff Professional Development

    IA staff will facilitate exercises for staff and faculty designed to enhance their understanding and build their capacity to engage issues of religious identity and diversity on their campus.

Higher Education

On-Campus Consulting

Learn more about how we help our partners succeed.

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Becca Hartman-Pickerill

Director of Program Resourcing

Interfaith America

Why Engage Religion and Worldview?

Good for Business

Americans encounter more religious diversity at work than in any other sphere of life, yet religion is too often left out of the diversity conversation. Supporting employees’ religious identities and meeting diverse consumers’ needs is good for business — and for America.

Good for Campus

Across higher education, campus leaders are grappling with complex issues of religious and worldview diversity, inclusion, conflict, and cooperation. Overlooking those issues won’t make them go away — we collaborate to help your institution plan for high-impact interfaith initiatives and train interfaith leaders.

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