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Interfaith America utilizes a proven, evidence-based approach to drive impact across multiple areas in American civic life. Through our rigorous focus on excellence, we are rising to meet a central challenge of our time.


Our Approach

Interfaith America delivers research-backed initiatives and advances a powerful public narrative through collaborative partnerships in strategic sectors.

Proven Initiatives

As evidenced by a comprehensive, five-year longitudinal study of interfaith engagement on college campuses, Interfaith America’s programs impact student and institutional growth in engaging religiously diversity productively. This robust dataset shows that our work works in driving change.

Translating Success

Interfaith America is translating this evidence-based approach to other aspects of American life. Our proven trainings, consultations, resources, thought leadership, and partnerships have the potential to catalyze action across the nation.

Impact Potential

Harvard researcher Robert Putnam has said that Interfaith America’s work is “likely to accelerate by a decade or two the process of America coming to terms with this new form [religious] diversity.” Join us in addressing this critical need.

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Building Interfaith America

Interfaith America will serve as a catalyst, a resource, and a partner for building Interfaith America the nation. We delight in knowing that we walk this path with many others — college campuses, government agencies, houses of worship, civic groups, media organizations, private companies, other interfaith organizations, and individuals of goodwill everywhere. The 21st-century American city on a hill has a steeple, a mosque, a synagogue, a sangha, a ward, a temple, a gurudwara, a secular humanist society, and more. You and I are not just citizens of this city — together, we are architects of it. Now, let’s build.

Our impact

Our work makes a difference

We know that America’s religious diversity has a meaningful impact on the common good. Our approach engages that diversity positively and productively.

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