Higher Education

Dr. Janet Fuller – Dreamer, Trailblazer, and Multifaith Pioneer

April 29, 2021

“Jan Fuller is the human epitome of student-centered learning. That is how I met Jan Fuller, on a Thursday night, at my neighborhood tea room. This was two weeks into my first year at Elon, and like anyone in a new environment, I was struggling to find my footing. Jan saw that immediately but also understood my longing for connection in this new community.” Morgan Chisholm ‘23

“She chose to share her dream to bring a new type of dialogue group to Elon’s campus, and I immediately said yes. Jan has helped me build a steadily growing group within our community that cares about listening to one another and tackling difficult topics through these shared dialogues. She’s opened her home and her heart to us so that we may continue to thrive here even as she continues to a different chapter in her life.” Morgan Chisholm ‘23