Interfaith Leadership Video Series

Interfaith Leadership Video Series

Lesson One: Introduction to Interfaith Leadership

Lesson One

In this first lesson we define interfaith leadership and give an overview of the structure, topics, and tactics of the entire course.

3 modules
  • 1.1: Defining Interfaith Leadership

    This first module defines Interfaith Leadership, citing historical examples, and highlights the civic relevance of Interfaith Leadership for today’s world.

  • 1.2: What is Interfaith?

    The term “interfaith” is defined and students are introduced to the different ways this term has been applied in different contexts. Since this course will focus on people of different religious orientations coming together for cooperative action, this module covers how this differs from other applications of the term “interfaith”.

  • 1.3: Course Structure

    Eboo Patel, founder and president of IFYC, will summarize the ideas shared in this first lesson and walk students through the upcoming seven lessons. This module lays out a map of the course, and points to some of the larger cumulative learning outcomes that students will achieve upon completion of the course.

1.1: Defining Interfaith Leadership

1.2: What is Interfaith?

1.3: Course Structure