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Faith in the Vaccine Training and Resource Materials

Faith in the Vaccine

Faith in the Vaccine

Interfaith America compiled this set of educational and training materials to support its Faith in the Vaccine (FIVA) program participants. From undergraduate students to community leaders, people across the country came together to address vaccine hesitancy and access in their local communities. The FIVA program equipped, engaged, and resourced interfaith leaders to conduct vaccine outreach in innovative and culturally sensitive ways. This educational library includes videos, playlists, and other learning tools to leverage the skills of interfaith leadership for vaccine outreach.

Understanding Vaccine Outreach

These tools provide a basic understanding of challenges related to vaccination, including access and hesitancy concerns. Modules in this section also direct participants to reliable sources of information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Interfaith Organizing

The skillset of interfaith leadership includes the essential ability of bringing communities together for the common good. These modules explore how to activate your interfaith leader skillset for the common good of vaccination.

Digital Communications

Combatting misinformation and communicating to a mass audience can be an essential element of vaccine outreach work. This suite of resources, presented in partnership with Lightful, a digital communications organization, will support expertly-crafted digital communications efforts in the context of vaccine outreach.