Dear Friends, 

For centuries, political philosophers believed that religiously diverse democracies were simply not possible. The disagreements between religions were too fundamental, and the stakes were too high.  

Part of why we refer to this as ‘the American experiment’ is because we pioneered something truly new in human history: a political entity where people from different faiths live alongside one another.  

Recent events at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, demonstrate that there will always be challenges to face and sensitivities to navigate.  

This is of course why we exist at Interfaith America – to help the nation work through the inevitable difficulties of a religiously diverse democracy.  

As you can see from the pieces below, we do our work with a conviction that faith can be a bridge of cooperation, that diversity is not just the differences you like, that you can express your view without demeaning the views of others, and that when it comes to controversies the world needs more light not more heat.  

Religious diversity is one of the great issues in American life. Interfaith America is the nation’s vital civic institution ensuring that it is engaged positively and proactively for the benefit of all. 

With that in mind, Interfaith America will convene a distinguished panel of educators on Tuesday, January 31 at 11 a.m. CT/12 p.m. ET to discuss what transpired at Hamline University and suggest constructive ways to navigate through similar conflicts.  I hope you will join us for “Art, Religion, and Academic Freedom: Lessons From the Hamline/Prophet Muhammad Controversy,” and please register here

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Eboo Patel


Art, Religion, & Academic Freedom

Join us as a distinguished panel of educators discuss the recent events at Hamline University and suggest constructive ways to navigate conflicts in a religiously diverse democracy.

DEI's Religion Problem​

by Eboo Patel


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