Amar Peterman

Program Manager

Amar D. Peterman, Program Manager, supports the Emerging Leaders Network and other strategic initiatives of Interfaith America. Amar is an award-winning author and sought-after speaker. His work has been featured in publications ranging from Christianity Today to Georgetown University’s Berkley Forum. He holds an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary and B.A. in Theology from Moody Bible Institute. Before coming to Interfaith America, Amar served as Assistant Director of Neighborly Faith and Director of the Center for Empathy in Christian and Public Life. At Interfaith America, Amar works closely with emerging field builders in helping them flourish through their various projects and initiatives. Informed by his evangelical Christian faith, Amar sees the vision of Interfaith America as a radical expression of neighbor love and a tangible striving towards a common good.

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