Higher Education

A New Effort Studies Race and Religion to Improve Campus Life for Black Students

Mar 17, 2022


“Together we seek to disrupt systems of oppression (like anti-Black racism, white supremacy, Christian hegemony) in education and society; illuminate the intersections of race, religion, and spirituality in Black students’ narratives and educational journeys; and reimagine and advance educational environments, policies, and practices that are, humanizing, just, and transformative.”

“The article is being crafted to address the fundamental ways in which we capture data at the intersections of race and religion. Through our engagement with recent critical quantitative scholarship, we’ve recognized a gap in how we both understand and gather this type of data. Our hope is to help researchers and practitioners better capture the nuances related to race and religion. Collecting better data at this intersection helps us to better support and care for our students.”

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