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Interfaith America inspires, equips, and connects leaders and institutions to unlock the potential of America’s religious diversity

We Need to Build an Interfaith America

Interfaith America President & Founder Eboo Patel outlines a vision for an America in which all religions and people join together to build a diverse democracy where all are welcome.

In Season 2, the Interfaith America with Eboo Patel podcast explores how we engage religious diversity in different sectors of our nation, from Hollywood to politics, journalism to academia. 

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We know that America’s religious diversity has a meaningful impact on the common good. Our approach engages that diversity positively and productively.

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Produce students more committed to leading interfaith efforts & creating positive societal change.

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Feature Resources


Foundations of Interfaith Leadership

A roadmap for developing (or continuing to develop) the vision, knowledge, and skills required to contribute to the realization of a truly interfaith America.


Key Resources for Building Interfaith America

A compilation of the Interfaith America resources you need to bring people together, foster conversations, and spur interfaith action.


Interfaith Cooperation for Our Times

Focusing on the work of the Interfaith Leadership in Higher Education Initiative, a partnership between AAC&U and Interfaith America, this publication showcases institutional efforts to broaden, deepen, and strengthen commitments to interfaith teaching and learning.

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